The ultimate hen party checklist

As the new normal begins, here at YourDesign we are excited to see you hens getting back out and ready to party! No more sitting in watching the soaps, it's time, at last, to be going out out! Now it is time to see if your pre-pandemic clothes still fit! Read our latest blog to hear our ultimate hen party checklist, including our hen night t-shirt ideas to help you have the hen night of your dreams.

The ultimate hen party checklist

Never has planning a wedding or hen night been so stressful as during a pandemic - but the time is now to start enjoying that the planning can begin. From a relaxing Spa hen weekend to a full session of hitting one of UK’s party towns, now is the time for some fun. We will confess we are more of a party bunch here at YourDesign and so I guess we are more knowledgeable on the party town side than the relaxing Spa breaks…

Looking for fun and cocktails in the city? We can recommend just a few amazing cities in the UK for your stay-cation Hen Party, in no particular order:


Awarded the European Capital of Culture Award, and well known for music bars and restaurants, this friendly city is ready to show you girls (and boys) some fun. Don’t forget the Albert Dock for the party night or the morning after! From the famous Cavern to partying at Flares, you simply cannot go wrong with a town of Liverpudlians waiting to enjoy your night with you!


Now this is a night on toon you cannot miss! Time to party with more parties on top and if you are fit and well, the next day a shopping trip is a must amongst the amazing city. You may however want something more low key to nurse your head after hitting the famous Diamond Strip the night before drinking in Revolution or kicking the vibes in Madame Koo. There is literally something for everyone in Newcastle.


Her beautiful beaches may make you feel you have managed to leave this little island for sun and relaxation! Cocktails by the beach - how can you go wrong? From cute and quirky bars and tea rooms, to trendy drinking dens near the beach or live shows at Sixty Million Postcodes, this thriving and diverse town will show you a good night out.

Manchester - or Madchester

No one can deny the party atmosphere as you hit a city famous for bars and clubs - swing your hen party through the Northern Quarter and you will not be disappointed. Fancy something different? Try Revolución de Cuba for a night of Latin food, cocktails laced in more rum than a pirate could handle, and a party atmosphere of latin dancing.

London, Birmingham, Cardiff we have not forgotten about you but feel it's time to talk about the night itself!

Hen party t-shirt ideas

Get your hen night party started with a good selection of printed personalised t-shirts. Here at YourDesign,  we have a range of pre-made hen night t-shirts  for you to select from and edit, and we also have graphics in our image gallery if you fancy making something even more personal. Is a hen night even a hen night without hen party t-shirts? As we are talking about staycations and the UK weather, team your outfits with a personalised hoodie for everyone - ideal for the pre-party warm up and travelling or hangover recovery the next day.

From funny to rude, silly to crude, we have got you girls covered. All you need to do is know the colour and sizes of the printed t-shirts, personalised vests, or hen party hoodies that you need and you are ready to create your design. 

Need some help? Are you struggling for hen party t-shirt ideas? We are here for you girls! Tell us what you want (we never blush!) and we will help get you the perfect design - at no charge!! From funny quotes to old or funny rude photographs - there is no limit to the design we can custom print for you.

So you have the location, tick, you’ve had our hen night t-shirt ideas turned into a reality, tick, you have the party drinks, tick, what's next? Maybe a few silly games to get the night started and act as an icebreaker to get the party going. For those who know the bride and groom, you can run with Mr and Mrs questions or you can go for Prosecco Pong, maybe a few dares, some cheeky ones that get easier after a few drinks! 

Speaking of dares - we don’t mean Hangover 2 style Mike Tyson tattoos - in fact we can save the pain and regret here with our personalised temporary tattoos - great for raising a laugh and a bit of party excitement! Don't worry though, these are temporary but they might just last longer than your hangover! 

We hope you’ve found our ultimate hen party checklist to be useful. When planning your hen party, don’t forget to come to YourDesign for your hen party hoodies and t-shirts. We’ve got something for everyone.

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