Organic & Sustainable

Let us all talk organic. If you are looking at taking your brand or merch forward into the organic range we know you wlll not regret it and we have just the tee's and printing method for you.

Sustainable fashion is more than just a trend. It is quickly becoming what is expected in fashion and the new 'normal'.  Every change we make is positive and a step in the right direction, from fabrics that are from sustainable fibre crops to renewable energy used in the process. Every step helps and we are all responsible.

This does not just lie with the manufacturers, we can chose what to decorate for fashion and how - with choice at our finger tips we have the control, and with consumers talking with their spending power when is  a better time? Currently the orgainic garment industry is valued just over 6 billion pounds, in two years this will be worth over a staggering 8 billion. So now may be the time to consider this for your brand.

Our Stella / Stanley T-shirts may be just what you are looking for.  Add your design to these and start selling garments that are 100% organic cotton, and vegan approved! The finish makes the print perfect for our Direct to Garment print. 

We print using Kormit Digital Printing Eco friendly inks and sustainable prints, so combine this with our organic t-shirts and you have a completely organic print.
What makes our inks environmentally friendly?  Putting it simply, they are 100% non hazardous,  100% toxin free and Vegan friendly,­ containing no animal by - products.
If you are interested in reading more about the catbon footprint of our inks and the methodolgy behind the Kornit brand you will enjoy reading this link.

Coming back to us and the team at yourdesign, we have this all just waiting for you to add  to your store using our easy and quick store integration to bring your designs to market and let us print and fulfil sustainable fashion at retail quality for you.


Its quick and easy, once you have registered with us you can start adding your own designs straight away. Store your designs within our site and push them though to your own store. Let us know if we can help you more!
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