International Pillow Fight

3,2, 1...Pillow Fight!

There are 100's of ways to starting off Spring, why not start Sprint 2021 by joining in on the International Pillow Fight day? This is an international event that falls on the first Saturday in April, every year! This years, will be held on Saturday 3rd April, why not join in this year! 

International Pillow Fight Day was launched in 2008 by organizer Kevin Bracken. All families are encouraged to participate, From Singapore to Florida to London pillows are getting plumped and prepped to do carry out a soft, friendly battle!  Here is a short clip showing London taking part, in April 2017. Click to watch.

Why not make it special, and create your own personalised custom printed pillow case here. You can make it funny, by adding any design you like! Create, and let us custom print your Pillow Case, as soo as this arrives you can stuff it with an insert and participate in a friendly Pillow fight!
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