Shopify Integration

Design, create and sell your products on SHOPIFY

Register a free yourdesign account, click our YourDesign App

On the Shopify store or the link within the yourdesign account (integrations) that you will see in your account when you register with us. 

Our dedicated Shopify app allows  you to choose a product from our catologue, upload your design, export them to your store and then when ordered by a customer, be printed, packaged and dispatched by YourDesign on your behalf. 

How does it work?

shopify-logo1. Connect your Shopify store.

Install the YourDesign app for your Shopify store. 

You can then access the YourDesign app under your apps on the Shopify dashboard.

2. Create products

Select a product you wish to sell using our product mockup tool to create products and export them to your Shopify store.  

3. Setup shipping, taxes and payment methods

Make sure that your store is set up correctly to accept orders. 

4. A customer orders from your store

The order is automati¬≠cally sent to YourDesign.­co.­uk for fulfillment. Please ensure your credits always remain topped up for your orders to be processed. Your credit balance can be found under your account > sales. 

5. YourDesign.­co.­uk will print and dispatch the order

The order is dispatched in plain packaging under your brand. An email will be sent to you once the order is shipped. We are here to help - talk to us if you want to include leaflets flyers etc in your order and we will help.

Why choose YourDesign?

  • No Inventory, no storage costs and no printing costs.
  • A large variety of products ready for your designs.
  • All orders dispatched within 48 hours.
  • All orders shipped in plain packaging with branded delivery labels available.
  • Integrates with your Shopify store for automatic fulfillment.

For any further assistance please contact us.