Selling in Style!

Selling in Style!

Mark Georgiou, one of our most important customers, originally sold his inspirational pieces through his social media channels, but now he has created his own website on Shopify. By linking with us, we can fulfill his orders and have them sent directly to his customers. This saves Mark time so he can focus on his music and his family while still continuing to sell his products.

Who is Mark Georgiou?

Mark is a talented Singer/­Songwriter who sells his own merch and whilst doing so, also raises awareness for Mental Health, a very big topic that we hold close to our hearts here at Yourdesign.

His music has proven to have helped thousands of women and men across the world with their mental health,  those listeners share their experience by posting on instagram.  There is where you can find Mark, why not give him a listen and a follow @georgioumusic

Mark originally started selling  by advertising his Hoodie/tee designs through his Instagram, he would then create the order on our website, to be shipped directly to him. Mark would pack each item at home, fill out his customers address and then take to the post office to send. Now that he has integrated with us, we do all this for him and now has his very own website for his customers to click, and shop!

Mark has not long released a new single called 'That's Her', which can be listened to here and found on Spotify.

How can I do this?

Just like Mark Georgiou did, you can be selling your own merch to the world, and make a difference. So why not give it a go?

Selling creations does not get any easier, now that we have a dropshipping service integrated on our site. Perfect to get selling and make extra cash, especially with the ongoing cost of living crisis, and hey we all know how long January payday can be!

Take credit for all your awesome ideas, make them come to life by using our built-in, online designer and link your products to a platform we are integrated with. Our most popular platforms are etsy and Shopify.

We like Shopify, as you can create your own website, and really see your designs come alive in a professional, fun way. Waste no more time, and download our Shopify app now.

Go and have a go, you will be amazed at what you can achieve, and we are here every step of the way for you too!

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