Baby Showers are hitting the UK, are you ready?

Baby Showers are hitting the UK and they are not as simple as you may think they are. This quick guide may help you plan the perfect baby shower whilst following some silent (but oh so important!) etiquette.

What is a baby shower and who started them? 

Believe it or not this is not something we have followed on from our American friends. Baby showers originate from Greek and Egyptian cultures and no gifts or luxuries would be exchanged, more a group of support for the mum to be. In the Victorian Age the UK was known to celebrate -  but in a more sophisticated way with a quiet afternoon tea and again the mother’s support group. Skipping to this generation and thing’s have changed, with lavish gifts, luxurious party themes and a huge status event for celebrities like Kim Kardashian, to Royalty. So it would only be rude not to indulge and have some party fun! 

So what are the rules? Here is a basic list for you!

When to hold the Perfect Baby Shower.

Your Baby Shower should be planned for between 28 and 32 weeks of pregnancy.  Any earlier and 'mum to be' may not feel ready to celebrate the up coming arrival, and any later, swollen ankles and varicous vains may make mum feel not ready to party! If the baby’s gender is known and announced already the party can have a colour theme, just to make the celebrations more special and personal.

Where to hold the Baby Shower.

This should be in the mums house! But, and its a big but - the planners of the baby shower are present to set the party up, and most importantly tidy up!! This is a time for 'mum to be' to enjoy being lavished by friends and family who are just there to support her and her baby to be! The idea is not for a heavily pregnant lady to throw you all a party and be left with the tidying up! 

Party theme - yes or no? 

This is a definite YES! With party banners and colour themes the planning starts early from colour and theme planned invitations to balloons and gifts on the big day. Work with 'mum to be' so this special day is what she wants, with obviously a few added surprises! Baby cakes and cupcakes are massively popular - you can even have photographs printed on to the cakes to make them even more special.

Baby Shower Party Planners?

Yes Baby Shower planners are a thing! If you have the budget they will take your theme and do the rest for you, from invitations to theme walls and cakes. If you do not have the budget for this do not worry. The baby shower is all about fun, fun and fun and this can definitely be done on a budget!

Dad’s at the party? 

Not sure if it something dad would would want or if he would like the perfect excuse to stay away from a room of broody women, but times are changing quickly on this one and yes dad’s are attending! More so for small family gatherings rather than all the girls from the work place, but it is a special time for dad’s too! They may however not enjoy the baby shower games quite as much! Maybe make him feel special designing a personalised t-shirt along the lines of the meme 'Who's your Daddy'- or maybe not!!

What to give as a baby shower gift? 

So how much do you spend, how lavish is the gift? The simple answer here is there are no rules! Spend as much as you can and want to!

From practical items like breast pumps (reality hits) to nappy stacks, and personalised baby clothes gifts and jewellery, all gifts will be well received. The beauty of printeded baby clothing gifts is you can add the party theme to them or go totally unique. A personalised baby grow with the babies name (if announced) and due date makes the perfect gift - maybe limit your date to the month only as we know babies rarely come on time!

Worried you will be pipped to the post on baby grows? A custom printed baby t-shirt is just as popular, anything that is a thoughtful gift, can be enjoyed and then popped in a keepsake box to be treasured is a baby gift you cannot go wrong with.

What is the last Baby Shower rule? 

This is the best one of all. What happens in the Baby Shower stays in the Baby Shower! Have fun, have some bubbly (excluding mum of course). Enjoy treats and nibbles and a good laugh and catch up. Throw in some party games, and stories with a bit of girly gossip -  tamed by who is in attendance as Great Grandma may not appreciate some of the antics, although after a glass or two she may make you all blush! Put it simply the Baby Shower is all to show mum some support, that she is loved and her baby is ready to be welcomed into a loving circle of friends.

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