A little bit about April Fools Day......

April Fools Day fall on 1st April this year!

April fools day has been around for centuries and no one quite knows for sure how or when it started. But lets face it - we have all been pranked at some stage in our lives with “April fools” shouted at the end of the prank!
Now growing up I knew a deadline existed on the 1st April - 12 noon - after that the chant - “April fool is dead and gone and you are the fool for carrying it on” would be shouted to you.
Famous April fool pranks include the 1957 Swiss Spaghetti Harvest Prank, possibly the most famous showing an abundance of spaghetti growing and being pulled from trees, confusing people - how really did spaghetti grow?! Did it grow?! With no internet encyclopaedias were reached for to investigate the answer! If you have not seen it here is a little clip, enjoy the formality of old reporting : Click here to watch
Not all April fools go to plan and can turn to make you the April fool Richard Bransons 1989 April fools prank back fired with his air balloon flying saucer landing a day early in London, scaring the police and taking the radio waves by storm!
Now flip to 2021 and we have the power of the internet to make these pranks even more realistic - especially with technology for deepfakes, fake news and edited images, but also the power of the internet to disprove them! No sitting with encyclopaedias or glued to the radio!
Back in the 1980's a funny prank was to ask a friend the time. but only whilst they were holding a mug or a bag of sweets or crisps - by distracting them with chat and asking the time they would flick the contents down them to look at their wrist watch. But now we are more savvy and this would not fool many - and most do not  wear watches any more, so its time to get more creative! 
Thats where we can help! You can personalise a mug or a t-shirt for example with a funny quote or picture to bring a smile.
Maybe a funny YouTube Video or Tik Tok Video will entertain you this year, or you are planning on creating one. 
We have designed and printed our own upside down mug - a customised mug printed upside - watch you don't flip it and spill. Obviously we will be replacing the work mugs and just waiting to see if we can even get one spillage! Create a Tik Tok like this having your friends favourite mug reprinted but upside down - they will never know! We have to say this is one of our favourite's : Look at this upside down mug TikTok! 
You can create and design your own mug personalised mug or a funny customised t-shirt  - try and raise a laugh this April fools day designing your own personalised prank gift!
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