Baby just got personalised

Personalised Baby Grows

Ok, we get it, babies are adorable and cute, so can they be even cuter? We think so! 
Design and personalise your design onto one of beautiful personalised baby grows and make your baby or baby gift even more unique. 
We say personalised baby grow, you may say printed romper or custom printed baby vest, not sure which is right but we do know all are gorgeous! 

So, what is special about our baby grows? 

Thank you for asking, we think that firstly the fact that the are made from 100% organic cotton is the most important start. Ethical and sustainable. Next - no other print method would compliment the organic baby clothes range more than our Kornit Digital Printing using Vegan, Non Toxin Inks that are super gentle and safe for any baby to wear. You feel confident and buying these baby grows as a first baby gift, a baby shower gift or gender reveal surprise. If you would like to read more about our Eco friendly sustainable printing please have a look here at our sustainability page. Everyone has a responsibility and everyone can make a change - for our babies futures. 

Ok, your Baby Grows / Baby Vests are organic - does that mean limited colours? 

Another good question - the answer is no! We currently have baby vests in 18 colours. A great start to pick a gift from! 

Can I sell these personalised baby grows as my own design? 

Yes! Please do! In fact we have a lot of resellers selling these on the likes of Etsy. We are amazing at custom printing them - but we are sure you can custom design your own far better and upload it to our website and direct to your selling platform - see more from our print on demand integration section. You can of course also just save your designs in your account and order on demand through us when needed. Once we have your order, check the artwork and digitally print using DTG (Direct To Garment - no transfers here!) we will send direct to your customers for you and they will never know we exist!  
Like what you see? We hope you do, we have brought bright and beautiful to the world of baby fashion and now you just need to add your design to our baby grows and let us digitally print for you. 

We look forward to seeing your beautiful designs.

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