How easy is it for you to integrate your Etsy store with us? The answer is its so easy you can do it while making a brew!
Basically you need:
1. Your designs saved on your computer
2. An Etsy Account
3. Register with us for your free your design account 
Done? Ready?
Awesome. Lets go!
Click our integrations link here and select Etsy. By clicking on this you are linking your Etsy Store to us.
Now we are ready to go! Simply select a product, for example a printed t-shirt.
1. Add your design and to the right of the designer you will see options as below
2  Resale Price - this is the price you want to sell your product on Etsy
3. Select the green button - create product
Now you have your first design done! Nearly there!
The product is now in your account - click the pink down arrow top left and select Export
This will take you back to the designer and you can add a description for your product and select the variants you want to sell.
Variants - ok so you may have a t-shirt design that you wish to sell in all colours and sizes - great - click add all variants. Alternatively you may obly want some colours and sizes - no problem. Click the colour you want and add selected variants for each colour and size you want - you will see them listed.
Now you can view on Etsy and tweak as you desire and normally would - remembering tags and keywords so you product is found by your customers.
All done? Not quiet. Now you can see your product on Etsy and have edited it, pop back to the your design account to link the product back to us. Click easy product until the green bar shows 100%. We are now ready and waiting for your orders! Enjoy!
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