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Back in The Day: YD Ponder The History of Personalisation

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Back in the 1980’s I remember being on holiday and eagerly looking in souvenir shops for my name on anything. The range was so limited. Personalised door plates and cups and maybe a pencil. Often the name spelling was just a close match.

There was something so cool about finding merchandise with your name on it. Something unique.

Now in 2017 and the growing market of personalisation, this excitement has gone from quirky fun to a mainstream expectation. Now I can personalise pretty much anything, from my favourite spread to children’s story books. Website’s like allow me with ease to see the products I have personalised before I buy them.

Its not just people like you and me – world brands like Nutella, Marmite and Coca-Cola have all jumped onto the customisation bandwagon with amazing results. Supermarket shelves are all ruffled as we search for that bottle with our name on! The success is due to brands making an emotional connection with their customers as individuals.

Not surprisingly, the number one reason to buy a personalised product is as a gift – thoughtful, unique –  a keepsake.

It is not just the team at that know this – so big is the personalisation industry customer reviews are common – it is interesting to see the results:-  a Deloitte consumer review in 2015 [source: fig1) found customers were willing to pay a 20% premium on goods that have been customised. A YouGov survey carried out for Photobox Group questioned 1000 UK adults and found 53% had purchased a personalised gift with age group 35-44 being most likely to buy. [source: fig 2].

Social media is also massively influential with today’s personalised goods market, with celebrity endorsement ranking high. A clever PR stunt of gifting a new celeb mum who likes to tweet, a bundle of personalised baby clothes and toys can see companies public profiles soar beyond the Twittersphere.

Goods – once associated with a celeb gain huge traction – for example, Gary Linekers campaign increased Walkers Crisp’s sales by 105%.

The future is bright for this fast-moving industry as an increasing number of brands seek to connect with customers on an emotional and personal level. We are all looking for the next unique personalised gift or business promotion, enjoying the personalised industry websites, but then I guess you know that, as you are reading this!


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