Screen Printing v Digital Printing

Screen Printing v Digital Printing

Which print method is best? Screen or Digital?

Well each method has it’s own strength and weakness.

Screen printing means setting up a stencil (screen) for every colour, which is great for high volume, vibrant colours, but every colour you have in your design requires a new a new screen.

Digital is a newer process which is getting more advanced every year, the ink is printed directly onto the garment, which is processed by a computer and you are not limited by colours, which is deal for detailed images with lots of colours and smaller runs, as the ink applied is much thinner than screen printing, colours may not be as vibrant, which sometimes is how you want it to look!

On the example image, can you tell which is which? well the bag on the left is screen printed and the bag on the right has been printed using DTG (direct to garment) which is a digital print.

As you can see there is very little difference in terms of quality, I would say digital has the edge slightly, as it feels softer to touch so on this print run, digital has won!

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