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5 Things to Know About Direct-To-Garment Printing

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There are many options when it comes to creating personalised t-shirts, but at Yourdesign we love Direct to Garment printing. With DTG printing the ink is printed directly onto the cotton, giving it a smooth “part of the garment” feel. This method also allows you to produce a really high-quality print with minimal effort!

Here are 5 things to know about DTG printing:

Minimal Effort

Once you have loading the machine with the garment, it is as simply adding the artwork into the software and clicking print! it’s not quite that easy! but not far off and to get really good results it does take a bit of practice, so much easier than screen printing.

Printing onto light coloured t shirts

If you are printing onto a light coloured garment than you are already off to a flying start! as there is no need to print an under base of white to make the colours stand out, as the white of the garment does this already, if you do need to print onto a dark coloured garment there is the process of first pre treating the t shirt, which we do with spraying machines, these pull the garment through and put down just the right amount of pre treatment for the job, once dried you can then load the tee and print your white under base, so it is ready for the final colour.


With DTG printing, you do need to keep on top of your maintenance, daily cleaning is required and regular use of the machine is essential for trouble free printing,  ours are busy printing your orders everyday including weekends, we do give them a rest of an evening to take a breather!

It’s Not Cheap

If you are looking to start printing your own shirts and looking at DTG as a solution, the initial outlay can be expensive, you would need the machine itself, a pretreat machine, and some way of curing the garments we use a tunnel dryer but an ordinary heat press will do the job, so make sure you get the equipment which is right for you, or… you could just let us print your shirts for you 🙂

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